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Headache in medical terms, or in my clinical experiments A headache is a symptom of another disease. If other disease is not cause of headache, then it is caused by Toxic substance entering in brain via blood, or in some patients headache is caused by a weak brain.
There are different types of headaches but in this article Hakim Azam Sohail Naqshbandi will explain Migraine vs. Headache Types, Symptoms, Causes and Permanent Treatment details with Allopathic medicine,headache remedies at home,Herbs healing and Herbal Medicines such as itrifal ustukhuddus,itrifal kishneezi (Greek Herbal Products for Headaches) etc so that people’s get to benefits my clinical experiments and pray for me & my parents

Types Of Headaches Which Are Popular Near Physician’s

Headaches not all headache require a physician’s attention. But in some cases, a headache may require immediate medical attention.Seek immediate medical care if you or someone you’re with suffering any of these Headache Types
Cold Headache
Heat Headache
Cluster Headache
Migraine Headache
Weak brain (Cerebral Anemia) Headache
Headaches sometimes appear to other diseases such as cold and flu,coryza,catarrh,allergy or sinus
constipation,Acidty,menstrual,period headache,hormone headache,exertion headache,hypertension headache,tension headache etc.

Cold Headache
Cold also makes headache because cold makes vapors thicker and does not dissolve in head but freezes.This reason that cold and flu viral infection can irritate patient’s nose and throat. These causes fluid to build up in patient’s sinuses and nasal passages, making them swollen. Pressure and swelling in patient’s sinuses can lead to a headache

Cold Headache Treatment
There are no authentic treatments in allopathy drugs that cure permanently cold viruses directly. But painkillers like
acetylsalicylic acid (ASA – the drug in medicines such as Aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen (paracetamol) can relieve cold-related symptoms such as headache,

Cold headache treatment herbal

Itrifal Ustukhuddus (Herbal Medicines For Headaches)
Itrifal Ustukhuddus Benefits
Itrifal Ustukhudus is a Unani medicine that has potential health benefits during headache.Itrifal Ustukhuddus is a brain tonic & purifies brain and stomach from ill secretion & catarrhal secretions. Cleans cephalic region from impurities and relieves headache.For relieving the cerebral region of impurities, Relieving constipation. It is also strengthening the intestinal digestive system. Moreover, for counteracting persisted cold.

Home Remedies For Cold Headache
Herbs Ingredients:
Cinnamon 3 grams
Lavender 3 grams
Cardamom green 7 pieces
Water 250 grams
Method of preparation and usage
Boil water and mix it with sugar one tablespoonful and drink it as a tea.
Cold Headache will be cured InshAllah

Heat Headache
Sometimes headaches are caused by hot air and weather because summer makes blood vessels in your head expand which strat heat headache

headache treatment in islam and tib e nabvi
Herbs Ingredient
Henna Powder
Usages Of Henna For Heat Headache
narrated by Ibn Majah that whenever Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. suffered from a headache, he used to cover his head with Henna (Khazaab) and said, “Henna helps to relieve headache by the permission of Allah,
Modern science has proven both the antiseptic and pain relieving qualities of henna. It protects the wound from external bacteria and other foreign particulates while the its cold nature reduces swelling, inflammation and excessive we can say the anti-inflammatory effects of the juice of henna help lower the nerve tension and promote healthy blood flow

Cluster Headache

Cluster headache pain, which occurs near eye on one side of the head,cluster headache is very severe, sometimes it causes redness of eye and water flows from eye and nose.

Herbal Medicine For Cluster Headache

itrifal kishneezi

itrifal kishneezi benefits
itrifal kishneezi is a Herbal is effective in Cluster headache, and redness/ irritation of eyes due to intrinsic heat.relieves the feeling of heat radiating from head and extremities (hands and feet).best remedy for flatulence (gas problem) and other associated problems like Cluster Headache, ear and eyes pain.

> If headache is from hot temper, use itrifal kashneez,
> Headache is due to a cold temperament then take Atrifal Astakhdus.

What Type Of Migraine Do We Suffer?
There are different types of migraine headaches types as like
Migraine with aura
Migraine without aura
Abdominal migraine
Basilar-type migraine
Hemiplegic migraine
Menstrually-related migraine
Migraine without headache
Ophthalmoplegic migraine
Retinal migraine etc
All types of migraine headaches have almost same painful symptoms, so here Hakim Azam Sohail Naqshbandi will try to explain my clinicalexperiments.
How we will identify the causes,symptoms of migraine and InshAllah i will show the difference between headache and migraine so that migraine patient’s can understand easily and cure migraine headaches

Migraine Headaches And Causes

Migraine headache are also called migraine headaches. Migraine headaches are caused by accumulation of vapor in weak part of head.
Migraine headaches are second caused an obstruction of a blood vessel or vessels in the brain.
Stomach wound swells causes migraine pain.
Excess of blood and acidty in stomach are another caused of migraine headaches

Migraine Symptoms
Abu Naeem wrote in his book Medicine that Mohammad Prophet (peace be upon him) to suffer from Migraine headache,
Migraine pain effects of which lasted for 24 hours or two days and In it period migraine pain did not go away.
Migraine headaches attacks mostly over a period of time.
Migraine pain can either be felt all over the head or more commonly, on one side of the head.
Migraine headaches sometimes apear in all headache.

Difference Between Migraine And Headache?
If there is pain in whole head, then how to diagnose whether the patient has migraine or another type of headache?
Recognition of headache is clear that it occurs in whole head while Migraine headache attacks mostly over a period of time.if Migraine headaches apear in all headache like other types of headaches then we can difference between Migraine and Headache through headaches symptoms because in my clinical experiments Migraine patients have desire to vomit and difficulty in sight.

How To Cure Migraine Permanently?
The first thing is to do,take medicine for migraine headache or prescribe medicine always according to patient’s symptoms and medical issues.
Hermal 50 grams
Soda seli salaas 50 grams
Preparation Method”
making a fine powder both Ingredients and fill 500 mg capsules or make half gram tablets
Two capsules or tablets with water
Immediately stops headache

Migraine Treatment In Ayurveda
Herbs Ingredients”
> Dried Coriander 30 gm
> Astakhdus 30 gm
> Pepper 3 gm
Preparation Method”
Make a fine powder and keep it in a clean jar
Take 3 gm medicine with water before sunrise in the morning

Weak brain (Cerebral Anemia) Headache
In this type of headache, blood does not reach the whole brain or any part of the brain. Lack of balanced diet leads to weak brain disease.

Brain Weakness Treatment
Herbal Ingredients”
> Figs 3
> Almond 8
> Milk 250 gm
Take it regularly at night while sleeping. Inshallah, weakness of brain and brain weakness related symptoms,will go away in few weeks InshAllah

Herbalist Hakim Mohammad Sohail
Saifi Herbal Clinic Norkot (Shakar Garh)

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